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3P Was founded in 2009 in Riyadh, the Capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
3P is backed by inveterate expertise &highly skilled professional teams applying the highest standards  in international quality Public health ,Pest Control, as well as maintenance.

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Controlling all types of pests in advanced & safe ways .

Safely controlling pests using the latest advanced methods & technologies.

Providing Germ Protection by reducing microorganisms to safe & healthy levels.

Conducting audits & generating reports on Sanitation & public health situation .

ales Service for public health complementary products .

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Flying insects:

Classified as (Dipteral) or two winged social insects 240,000 type living in nature, 120,000 type are dangerous due to their effect on humans health, some of them live inresidential places where they lay their eggs in human premises like desert flies, mosquitoes,house flies,& fruit flies. These pests causes a lot of diseases such as : Malaria, Fever, dengue fever, encephalitis, yellow fever,& west Nile virus


Classified as straight wings insects, it exists before humans by 40 million years, there are 3500 type the most famous in human primes are German cockroaches bases normally in kitchens &Americancockroaches mainly based in drainage areas. Cockroaches have bad smell from a gland secretion, & it is considered the best  germs & parasite  transmitter because of itsresidence & the wastes that it pass by that causes: Asthma, Typhoid, cholera


Classified  as a rodent animal which have more than 50 types ones are pets like hamster & others are harmful like brown & black rats, house mice. These animals have powerful & advanced sense of smell, Active at night, with vitamin K Deficiency which is responsible for wound healing. It is considered as herbivores but it eats almost everything(paper, wood, seeds, cables insulators even mice dead bodies), which leads to massive hazards, some studies confirms that about 45% of building fires are caused by rodents. it causes also perdition of harvests &a lot of infectious diseases like( the plague, lymphatic meningitis, Rabies, hemorrhagic Fever ) because of itsfood poisoning.


It's from the crawling cold blooded animals there are 2700 types some are poisonous & non poisonous, it's not attracted to residential areas unless there are rodents or alimentation.

Poisonous snakes can be differentiated by triangular shaped head due to  poison glands behind  jaws,its considered one of the most dangerous animals for its fast strike&  the poisonous venom if not treated leads to clots & kidney failure then to death, or it affects 

Nervous system which leads to respiratory disorder.


It's invertebrate spidery animals there are 2000 type exists in hot & dry areas,hiding under rocks & holes looking for humidity &avoiding  high temperatures . Poisonous glands manly at tail end, majority less poisonous than snakes, its sting cause nervous system& respiratory disorder.

Bed Bugs:

It’s a brown small parasitic insect originally exists in tropical forests & it was spread across the globe through  travelersstaying in hotels or infested places. It lives inhuman residence & suddenly appears where it can stay without food for a long time. It lives eating human absorbed blood, animals & birds. It is considered a dangerous pest CausingEye& respiratory system allergy, &may cause Hepatitis.


Unlike ants termites lives in secrete colonies, and feeds on cellulose which exists in wood. It was mentioned  in the holy Quran in Surat Sabaa & it is considered as one of the most hazardous infestations.

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